Musk Ox Bow Hunting

Killing the musk-ox of Greenland is not one of the easier hunting challenges. These animals live in the frosty wilderness far from residential areas. Hunters must brave rocky, rough terrain and often extremely bleak weather conditions to be able to get close to them. In order to make sure that they can select the bull with the largest horns in the herd, hunters need to get within 200 meters of them. From that distance, a steady-handed shooter can have no problem killing the targeted ox. The hunt takes on a whole other dimension, however, if the hunter

It is important that the hunter checks the precision of the weapon before commencing the hunt, as all his efforts would be futile if it should turn out later that the bow got misadjusted during the journey. The optimal shooting range of the hunter’s bow is 20-40 meters, but the hunter must be experienced enough to take a precise shot from a distance of up to 50 meters or more if need be.

It is incredibly difficult to approach a musk-ox in the open field because the animals recognise the commotion from far away. The hunter only stands a chance if he’s approaching in headwind or crosswind and can take advantage of even the smallest covered offered by the landscape to stay hidden.

Continuously checking the distance of the game with the rangefinder is indispensable to get the fatal shot.

The hunter’s chances are significantly reduced if the oxes notice the imminent danger and turn right against the hunter. They become invulnerable to the bow. The hunter should always wait for the game to turn to the side and for the vital organs to become targetable. The hunter must be aware not only of the precise distance of the game before taking the shot, but also the direction and intensity of the wind. The musk-ox often watches the motionless hunter for minutes but the sudden movement of flexing the bow startles the already suspicious game and it won’t take long before it smiles back at the busted hunter from across the top of the opposite hill.

Visiting remote continents and hunting native wild game is always a special experience for any hunter. The experience is even more intense if the desired trophy is taken with a bow. In this case, success is much harder to achieve, and the hunter must also be able to bear the higher risk of disappointment and failure.