Antelope Safari – 4 Part Series

The majority of the antelope species living on our planet is found on the African continent. The antelope species, evolved over millions of years, have populated the Dark Continent with an exceptional richness of species and diversity. They have populated every place from the open grasslands and groves of the savanna through the thorny thickets all the way to the humid green jungle teeming with life. From coastal areas to high altitudes, from dry deserts to swamps, antelope species can be found everywhere. They demonstrate tremendous differences in terms of habitat and behaviour, and mostly, appearance. Yet they all certainly share one feature. The males of all species carry horns. The sizes and shapes of the horns of the various African antelope species are also significantly diverse, but it is this very diversity of headdresses that attracts trophy hunters to African hunting safaris by the hundreds of thousands. In our “Antelope safari” series, we will now introduce the most significant African antelope species, whose headdresses are the musts in the collections of all globetrotting trophy hunters.