South African Hunts – 10 Part Series

South-Africa is a real hunting paradise, which attracts thousands of hunters from all over the world with its abundance of game. Most of them choose to take part on the exciting stalks, where there is often an opportunity to hunt dangerous game species besides great antelopes.

South-Africa! Hunting grounds rich in game, which you never get tired of, rejoices the hunters visiting it with new experiences and beautiful bags every time. There will be no action scenes and bags missing this time either. Antelopes with excellent trophies get brought down. Besides kudu, hartebeest, oryx, black and blue wildebeest and springbok they also manage to bring down a zebra and a warthog as well. The hunters of the Hunters in Action Channel also try to lure in the biggest carnivore in Africa, the lion. Excitement of the evening stand hunt continues to increase during the tracking of the wounded lion on the next day.